Mobile TPMS Fitting

Mobile TPMS fitting across all areas of Kent

TPMS Direct specialises in mobile TPMS fitting services across Maidstone, Bromley and Bexley, Kent. The TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) allows you to monitor your tyre pressure ensuring your tyres are correctly inflated for your safety and improved handling.

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TPMS Replacement Sensor – This service replaces the entire sensor in the wheel with a new one. We will copy the identity of the old sensor and programme a replacement with the same identity, the cars computer is none the wiser. This is required if the sensor battery has died (batteries cannot be replaced) or the sensor has been damaged for example during a kerbing or pothole incident. We can clone 95% of all TPMS types. The driver will know there is a sensor problem if the TPMS fault light on the dashboard flashes and remains flashing. We have computer equipment to diagnose which sensor is problematic.

TPMS Broken Stem Replacement – The metal valve stems often corrode and can snap when trying to inflate the tyre or when the wheel is kerbed. We are able to remove the tyre, take out the entire sensor system from the wheel and replace the stem, washers and seals, while keeping the same sensor. Alternatively, if you wish to have the entire sensor replaced, we can do this for you.

TPMS Service – This is to replace washers and seals. This is usually carried out in conjunction with a tyre replacement.

Aftermarket TPMS – If you don’t currently have TPMS systems on your car, we will offer a retrofit TPMS system which will display all four tyre pressures, giving you peace of mind.
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